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At Transistor Music we believe that the greatest way to experience music is by having the release in your hands.

Our platform is a unique music marketplace. For those of us that would rather stroke a record than stream it, there's the chance to browse our curated collection of box sets and deluxe reissues. We also offer unparalleled access to your favourite artists via our Pre-Order Campaigns that regularly offer signed items, engaging content and artist experiences. Beyond the box sets, we've got a whole host of live albums, limited edition books, art posters and screen prints, specialist DVDs and Blu-rays, and much more.

The Transistor Music Blog is home to a growing library of features, interviews, unboxing videos and exclusive articles that bring you closer than ever to our library releases and artists, and offers a sounding board for discussion with other Superfans in the Transistor community.

On top of all this, Transistor Music offers unparalleled service in delivery, customer support and competitive pricing, all across one online destination.

Transistor Music is proud to be a part of an established family of UK businesses that include Sound Performance, a leading manufacturer for vinyl, CD, DVD, books and box sets, and The Flood Gallery, specialists in limited edition gig posters, movie posters and art prints.

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