Exile On Coldharbour Lane

Alabama 3

CD Box Set

This 5xCD boxset includes four brand new albums and Exile On Coldharbour Lane, as well as 40xpage booklet featuring Larry Love’s track by track guide to Exile on Coldharbour Lane, with plenty of untold stories, insights, and inspirations behind the album.

You may just know Alabama 3 as the band who did The Sopranos theme tune. You may know them as A3 if you’re living on the other side of the Atlantic. You may know them as an outfit of Country Acid House rockers from Brixton, London who recently celebrated 22 years together. Whichever genre or tag line you identify Alabama 3 with, you can get ready to bend your wherewithals once again. To help you along the way they’ve created a school of thought to bring the non-believers home.

The Exile on Coldharbour Lane Boxset is Alabama 3’s Guide To A,B,C,D & E -- A is for Acid (or Acid-House). B is for Booze (or Blues). C is for Cocaine (Or Country) and D is for Dope (or Dub) and E, of course, is for Ecstasy (or Exile).

The 5-disc box set contains 5 albums: A,B,C,D & E, and sees Alabama 3 throughout the decades re-worked by the aforementioned genres. But lead singer Larry Love doesn’t want you to be fooled by any pre-school notions that a title such as A,B,C,D might suggest – “The box set is also a cosmic guide through Alabama 3’s various drug habits over the years,” he says. “We want people to put their spacesuits on and dive in”.

So what exactly is on offer to the general public this time…?

Disc 1 - A is for Acid House and Aciiiiid....

Disc 2 - B is for Blues and Booze

Disc 3 - C is for Country and Cocaine

Disc 4 – Dub and Dope

Disc 5 - Exile & Ecstasy

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Discs: 5

More Information

More Information
Release Date 1 Jun 2020

5CD Box Set including Book and Digital Download

Disc 1 – ‘A’ – Acid
1-01 Acid Symphonique 1 (13:22)
1-02 Acid Symphonique 2 (13:56)
1-03 Acid Symphonique 3 (12:18)
1-04 Acid Symphonique 4 (15:48)

Disc 2 – ‘B’ – Booze
2-01 Boom Boom Goes The Room
2-02 Turn The Lights Out 4:36
2-03 The Witch Queen Of New Orleans
2-04 If We Hold Each Other Tight
2-05 She's My Suffragette Woman
2-06 What Goes On In Vegas
2-07 The Dasvidaniya Blues
2-08 Tell Me Where The Freedom Is
2-09 If I Don't Get Out Of Texas
2-10 The Party Ain't Started Till We're Paranoid

Disc 3 – ‘C’ – Country
3-01 The Ballad of Medicine Crow
3-02 Reach Out
3-03 Facebook.con
3-04 What Am I Going To Say To Malcolm
3-05 You Are The One
3-06 Count Your Blessings
3-07 Your Own Backyard
3-08 Stranded
3-09 Bad To The Bone
3-10 I'm A C*ntry SInger

Disc 4 – ‘D’ – Dub
4-01 Facebook Dot Con (Dub)
4-02 I'm A Good Boy (Dub)
4-03 Are You Ready For The Road, Man? (Dub)
4-04 No More Tears Left To Cry (Dub)
4-05 Why U So Serious (Dub)
4-06 Brainwashed (Dub)
4-07 Peace In The Valley (Dub)
4-08 Burnt Out (Dub)
4-09 You Don't Come (Dub)
4-10 Sound The Bell 3 Times (Dub)
4-11 I Am A Man (Dub)
4-12 Smoking WIth Howard (Dub)

Disc 5 – ‘E’ – Exile On Coldharbour Lane
5-01 Converted
5-02 Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
5-03 Woke Up This Morning
5-04 U Don't Dance 2 Tekno Anymore
5-05 Bourgeoisie Blues
5-06 Ain't Goin' To Goa
5-07 Mao Tse Tung Said
5-08 Hypo Full Of Love
5-09 The Old Purple Tin
5-10 The Night We Nearly Got Busted
5-11 Sister Rosetta
5-12 Peace In The Valley

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