A new UK-based Direct-To-Fan music company specialising in Pre-Order Campaigns and Storefront Solutions, alongside our own engaging retail community, curated with high-end music products, exclusive items and artist experiences for the Superfan. 

Transistor Music is the latest venture in an established family of UK businesses that include Sound Performance, a leading manufacturer for vinyl, CD, DVD, books and box sets, and The Flood Gallery, specialists in limited edition gig posters, movie posters and art prints. Our in-house team bring broad experience and a hands-on approach to running Direct-To-Fan Pre-Order Campaigns and Storefront Solutions for artists, labels and management companies, committed to maximising your product's potential and delivering an unparalleled experience to the customer.

In curating our own platform, Transistor Music has fostered a community where Superfans can browse high-end and collectable retail releases and reissues as well as support their favourite artists by being the first to pre-order exclusive items and experiences, all across one fully-featured e-commerce marketplace.

Transistor Music offers an exceptional level of expertise, service and care to both our clients and customers, delivering on our commitment to provide excitement and satisfaction from the preparation of your campaign to the delivery of the release. 

The suite of services offered by Transistor Music includes Digital Marketing, Product Development, Campaign/Store Management, Customer Services, Manufacturing and Fulfilment. 



  • Store Building & Management
  • Pre-Order Campaign Management
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Service
  • Fulfilment


Email for more information, or reach out via our CONTACT PAGE.